Wednesday, July 3, 2019

iHeartRadio CEO Bob Pittman Acknowledges "Zuma Dogg" As Creator of E! TV for Time Warner, Lee Masters & John Rieber

iHeartMedia CEO Bob Pittman on "Zuma Dogg"
PIC: One-Eyed Bandit Bob Pittman

PIC: Innovative Prophet of Innovation, Zuma Dogg
"Zuma brings skill, passion and commitment to everything he does. He provided me the entire concept and blueprint for E! Entertainment Television, that I developed with Lee Masters and John Rieber." - Bob Pittman/CEO iHeart Media (April 07, 2017)

JULY 2019: Yes, I sent Bob Pittman the concept he used to develop and launch E! Entertainment Television, when he was with Time-Warner, Inc. Bob took the concept to Lee Masters and John Rieber. 

If you would like to discuss, with me, how I came up with the concept -- or to consult, with you, for your own concept to pursue -- contact Mr. Dogg at 213.785.7272 or via email

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