Saturday, July 6, 2019 Streaming Commerical Free Hits of the 80's

COMMERCIAL-FREE music streams with no DJs/talk. Stream in your retail store instead of commercial radio -- or XM (with a lot of breaks for talk) -- or Pandora (which sucks compared to this).

80's+ (80's + 70's/90's/00's/Today)
All 80's (Upbeat Club Vibe=All Genres): Meant for "random shuffle" play for REAL 80's club/Top-40 vibe.
by Zuma Dogg: Former programmer/director of Z-100/NY & Billboard Hot 100. Hopefully, Mr. Dogg is representing a REAL 80's vibe. It's a VERY limited selection that you hear on today's 80's-based radio stations; like WCBS/KEARTH.