Friday, December 28, 2012

Comedy Central Has Jon Stewart "Daily Show" -- We Got Zuma Dogg "Zuma Show"-- and ZD BLOWS THAT PUSSY AWAY! WATCH ONLINE at ("Brain-Seizing Artistry. L.A. Cable TV Icon" - L.A. Weekly)

[PICTURED: 12-29-12]

"Start Up The Show!" by @ZumaDogg (About March 05, 2013 L.A. City Elections.)

AND, since THIS song is political, here is a political @ZumaDogg blog post, posted today; that is merely an email, by ZD's #1 FLAMING HARDBALL INSIDER, who has been STUNNING in the past. THIS AIN'T GOOD NEWS, for U.S. economy, y'all -- and don't discount what this CONNECTED INSIDER warns of:

PREVIEW U.S.A.'s "FISCAL CLIFF DISASTER" of 2013 -- CAUSED by Fannie/Freddie/Indy Mac FRAUD in CAHOOTS RACKETEERING with TOP U.S. FInancial Institution Fronts (#Obama #WhiteHouse

NOW SIT THERE, STAY SILENT -- DO NOTHING, and ABOVE ALL ELSE -- BE POLITE WHEN ADDRESSING L.A. CITY CLOUNCIL! (Don't wanna ruffle any feathers! If you're not polite and respectful, they won't hear you, right? Isn't that what you "Take It Silently Up The Ass Angelinos" have been telling me, for years? LMFAO!) 

"Genius/Legend/Heroic/Brain-Seizing/Superstar/Icon/Prophet" (MEDIA QUOTES on Mr. Dogg)..AND YOU NEVER WILL BE CALLED ANY OF THAT,  BY L.A. MEDIA, and he sees (and doesn't hear) why.

And to everyone else, across the U.S., checkin' in on, here's some "Zuma Show" If you live in L.A., go watch Cailou:

@ZumaDogg: "Public Comment" (2006-2012): EXPOSING FRAUD/WASTE/ABUSE ("Municipal Mafia Corruption") that brought L.A. City to it's current ECONOMIC & PUBLIC SERVICES WRECK. THE BLUEPRINT OF CORRUPTION & WASTE! Entertaining, even if you are not into political stuff. Look how they try to stop ZD, every step of the way. A FEDERAL hearing on these interruption, Jan. 14, 2013, which is what this montage was created for. Have a peek at U.S. history.

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