Tuesday, January 22, 2013

ZD's COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS EPIPHANY: We, The People (Masses) Need to SHIFT Our Focus [See: Media; What They Focus On, and you recant]

ZD's COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS EPIPHANY: Nothing new, but I'm "getting it," more, now: Every day, we turn on the TV/media to reports of all the worst things happening in the world, then we all focus and discuss it and argue over it -- and focus all thoughts and energy on it. (A never ending "tragedy/worst of the world" report.) And people don't believe in collective consciousness/sixth sense/non-material communication (energy); and all of the above-mentioned, is causing the world to be in constant "haywire." What we SHOULD be focusing thoughts (media) attention, is something like this: "If everyone watching on TV, right now; listening on radio; and reading this in the newspaper; or online would imagine a homeless person, sitting on the sidewalk or wandering the street. Then, imagine someone walking past; and without the homeless person asking, they just pull out a dollar and give it to the person, cause they can tell they sure need it. And, doesn't wonder or care what the homeless person uses it for, cause it's not to do something preachy with, but just to create a miracle in someone's world; that will help get them to the next moment. I know you don't believe if a mass of people, all at the same time, starting merely thinking of a homeless person on the street, and someone pulling out a dollar and handing it to them, as they keep walking -- it would happen...NOT like rain pouring down; but there WOULD be a sudden wave of people pulling dollars out and handing them to homeless people on the street.

Society really needs to shift its' focus. (And with that statement, I get to combine my favorite topics: Business Marketing Strategy (shift focus) -- applied to NLP/Meta-Physics (what needs to shift focus.)

Something to think about. Perhaps even try.

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