Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Zuma Dogg & Talk Radio & Cable Talk Show Segments for January 09, 2013: GOOD SHOW, TODAY!

Zuma Dogg - L.A. City News: NEWSPAPER FORMAT (Good Edition - Click here to open in new window.)

"Kingpin" ScriptPOLITICS via script. Based on L.A. City Hall. For the REAL "inside L.A. City Hall" political news, read "KINGPIN!" Based on the inside info, told to me, over past six years of Villaraiogsa administration. Names have been changed, to protect the guilty.  Sorkin-style.

* "Creative Empowerment": Based on NLP. [That "Tony Robbins/Wayne Dyer/Deepak/Marrianne W. stuff.]

* "Marketing Warfare" Talk Radio Show: ZD applies "Art of War" (based on Ries & Trout's application of Sun-Tzu to business/marketing world)  w ZD's radio industry examples.

* "Quality & Productivity": "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points" ["Well done." - Deming. "Fabulous" - Tony Robbins. "Enjoyed it much." - Bob Pittman]

TOP STORY AT Los Angeles City Council Budget Chair Paul Krekorian Issues "Mad Max" Scenario Warning To Angelinos, Regarding 2013 Budget & Services Crisis: WALL STREET...HOLD YOUR INVESTMENTS: City Uncertain If It Will Be Able To Provide Basice Police & Fire Safety, Let Alone ANYTHING ELSE. READ HIS COMMENTS HERE! (

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"Zuma Dogg Show" Playlist 1: 68 videos [4 hrs 30 mins]

"Zuma Dogg Show" - L.A. City Clouncil vs Zuma Dogg: YouTube: Interruptions, Cut-Offs, Ejections & 30 Day Bans. FEDERAL SUMMARY JUDGEMENT HEARING on Council public comment rules, Jan. 14. NOT ABOUT ZD's bad reaction, after they interrupt.
January 14, 2013, Federal summary judgement hearing on L.A. Council's public comment "conduct rules" (interruptions/cut-offs/ejections/30-day bans of Zuma Dogg, hundreds of times, over a six year period.) The hearing is on the rules, on it's face -- and the rules, "as applied" on Mr. Dogg. (An issue of Council's "discretion" of enforcement.) If Judge overturns, all who have ever been cut-off, may be able to sue the City of Los Angeles (A Municipal Corporation). Listen to L.A. City Councilman Richard Alarcon ADMIT there is NO REASON for people to show up to speak, cause they ALREADY KNOW, they DO NOT CARE, and WILL NOT ACT! (HE SAYS THAT! This may become Federal Judge fodder, on Monday.)

L.A. City Clouncil vs Zuma Dogg [Public Comment: They interrupt him, EVERY TIME!]

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