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MEDIA/BIO/PRESS PAGE: "The Zuma Dogg Show" [Original U.S. Reality Show]


Zuma Dogg is creator/inventor/pioneer of the non-scripted/hand-held camera, reality show (comedy/pop culture); then, became the most prophetic, recognized, respected and beloved, political activism legend in Los Angeles City history. 

If there is a crowd of people (the public) and you need to entertain and inform them (get ratings) there is no one else in the world who can stun a crowd, and leave em smiling, with more proven success, than Zuma Dogg. A TRULY STUNNING and UNBELIEVABLE performing phenomenon, not to set the bar TOO high.  


"Zuma Dogg, not only one of the most recognizable figures at City Hall, cordially greeted by passersby, including security guards and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, he also has the ear of high-level insiders, who feed him information in the hope that he'll expose, and possibly stop, one questionable government project or another." - LA Weekly

"Andrew Breitbart, try as he might, could never illustrate the disjointed hilarity of #OccupyLA with the same brilliance, as Zuma Dogg." - LA Weekly

"Zuma Dogg fought the oppressive, tightly controlled L.A. City Council meetings presided over by Council President Eric Garcetti, who had banned video cameras. After police tried to stop Zuma Dogg from taping the council deliberations, he railed against the big shots for months, slamming Garcetti as “Garshady” on his show and on his whistleblower blog. "Whatever happened to free speech in this country?," Zuma Dogg asked. He prevailed against Garcetti’s rules, and now brings his cameracorder to every council meeting, as can any member of the public thanks to him." - LA Weekly.

"Well done. I agree with your comments." - Dr. W. Ed Deming (fax to me in 1989, in reply to my summary of his life's work/#14Points/#Quality&Productivity.)

"Fabulous" - Tony Robbins (letter in reply to published article in "Quality Digest.")

"Great article. You took our concepts and extended them in ways I found very interesting." - Al Ries & Jack Trout (Co-authors, "Marketing Warfare"/"Focus"/"Positioning"/"etc., in letters to ZD.)

"I enjoyed your 'Interpreting Deming's 14 Points'." - Bob Pittman (CEO/Clear Channel, former President, Time Warner Inc)

"Zuma Dogg has distinguished himself as a "mix of curiosity and crusader" fighting for what he considers his free-speech rights."He's been able to do it with humor and at times be more direct and substantive." - Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti/Los Angeles Times

"Local Legend." - KABC Radio

"Brain-seizing artistry. An L.A. TV icon." - LA Weekly

"Zuma Dogg is da bomb. I Tivo allyour shows." - Emilio Estevez

"Of course, I know Zuma Dogg." - Arnold Schwarzenegger (when Governor)

"I watch your show all the time. I tried to call in, but couldn't get through. I'm wearing your T-shirt, now." - Adam Sandler

"I don't know who you are, Zuma Dogg, but I've never heard Adam (Sandler) speak so highly of any other comedian, before." - JP (Adam Sandler's "Happy Madison"receptionist.)

"Zuma Dogg, call me! We need more of your videos for our tour bus." - Dean DeLeo/Stone Temple Pilots

"I've seen you on TV. Keep doing what you're doing." - Dennis Franz

"Wow, not many people can sing like that." - Tony Danza

"Everyone watches Zuma Dogg!" - Reggie Miller/NBA

"A very funny comedian, Zuma Dogg." - Howard Stern

"I am such a big fan of your show.Jennifer says, 'Hello.'" -Courteney Cox

"Can't turn off, 'The Zuma Dogg Show," once it's on. Totally addicted." - Kate Hudson


You're a genius! When can we catch more shows? Do you have any of your old shows available?

honestly, you may have been the funniest person i've ever see. I was laughing so hard I woke up my girlfriend.

If i owned a big TV company your show would be on 24/7!! I have never laughed so hard for so long, it's awesome.

Can't wait for the next one, me and my friends will be talkin about it for a week! lol... was not at all prepared for the brilliance of your show.

In all honesty I was absolutely blown away. It was the most fresh, funniest, innovative thing that I've seen on television in the past five years.

How can I get a copy of tonight's episode? It was the funniest thing I've seen in years. Thank you.

I hope you know you have the best show in the history of the planet!

I was wondering if I could maybe get your Autograph...It would mean alot...I know a ton of kids at my skool that love your show too....They are always talking in your voice and going crazy..

you have the best show ever, you are the best white rapper in the world!!!

It was so beautiful that I had tears in my eyes. Let's just say I was moved.

I think your show displays a VERY intelligent and socially conscience realistic view of the world and you do it in a very original and very artistic way.


i love your show. it is the most excellent thing in all of televisionland.

My name is Lauren and let me begin by saying you are one of the finest displays of unconventional genius I've seen in a long time.

We just wanted to write to let you know how spectacular we thought your show was.

i was just wondering, if there's anyway i can buy your shows on video or something.

my boyfriend and i just stumbled upon you singing saturday night fever tunes - and we can't stop laughing - thanks...

I caught your last episode. Let me tell you that it was a Classic. The part about Elton John had me laughing all night.

Do you sell your music or dvds of your show? If not, you should. Your latest song is good as hell.

saw your show the other night and let me say,it was some of the funniest shit i've seen on tv in a long time,keep up the good work.

My girlfriend and i caught your show for the first time 3 weeks ago. I recorded it and show it around to friends. It is so g-damn funny. I keep waiting to see you somewhere.

Just to let you know, I dig what you do, you are a funny and talented person. It took me a couple shows to get it but now I got it so keep it up, look forward to the new shows.

Zuma Dogg beat the City of Los Angeles (A Municipal Corporation) in U.S. Federal Court, on civil rights/1st Amendment violations, affecting thousands, on Venice Beach boardwalk. An injunction was ordered in 2010. The city and nation awaits a complete ruling (Summary Judgement), literally, any day (as of July 30, 2013) -- on this issue; and the 30 day bannings of Mr. Dogg, at the Los Angeles City Council meetings, during free speech/public comment period. [IS an elected body allowed to ban someone from public comment/free speech, for 30 days at a time, under U.S. Constitution? We'll find out, soon.] - [UPDATE: We found out on August 07, 2013 -- see Summary Judgement on this blog.]

ZUMA DOGG: As seen on every L.A. TV station (KNBC, KABC, KCBS, FOX, KCAL, PBS); as heard and discussed on every L.A. talk radio station (KABC, KFI, KRLA, KTLK) -- literally hundreds and hundreds of times as political commentator/reporter/investigator/media personality; full page article in Los Angeles Times (unprecedented)/quoted numerous times in L.A. Times, as political/city/"voice/political expert"; multiple articles about Zuma Dogg, in L.A. Weekly/two articles by Mr. Dogg were published by L.A. Weekly. Around 10,000 votes for L.A. Mayor, in 2009 (vs Villaraigosa) in an unseen result, placing 3rd (of 9 challengers), with no money spent on the campaign. (Yes, ZD came in 3rd, with about 10,000 votes when he merely placed his name on the ballot for #MayorofLosAngeles.) Praised by Hollywood Emmy/Grammy/Oscar WINNERS, as UNSEEN phenomenon, and countless thousands of the general viewing public...welcome to the homepage of Zuma Dogg. It's ALL here (or it links from here). 


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