Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Original Tea Party Political Activist Gadfly (@ZumaDogg) Exposes L.A. City Hall CORRUPTION on LIVE TV! [Must See Videos at]

@ZumaDogg: "Public Comment" (2006-2012): EXPOSING FRAUD/WASTE/ABUSE ("Municipal Mafia Corruption") that brought L.A. City to it's current ECONOMIC & PUBLIC SERVICES WRECK...THE BLUEPRINT OF CORRUPTION & WASTE! Entertaining, even if you are not into political stuff. Look how they try to stop ZD, every step of the way. These videos contain the evidence seen by Federal Judge for August 07, 2013 ruling, that found=L.A. City Council broke U.S. & California law in the interruptions/cut-offs/ejections & banning of Zuma Dogg: 

FEDERAL RULING: Los Angeles City Council IN VIOLATION of U.S. CONSTITUTION...SILENCED/EJECTED/BANNED PUBLIC GADFLIES, WHO WERE EXPOSING COUNCIL ON LIVE TV (CENSORSHIP OF PUBLIC CRITICISM) & PREVENTED FREE SPEECH on VENICE BOARDWALK! (Based on content in these videos! These videos were Federal Exhibits! See 'Victory Speech" on right column of this blog.)

ALL @ZumaDogg Public Comment

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