Friday, November 8, 2013

"The Zuma Dogg Show" - via @ZumaDogg on #Twitter [for 11-08-13] COMEDY/BEATS/POLITICS (Pop Culture Reality)

  1. Zuma PayPal ALERT Batsignal. Hit me up w whatever U can, please!!! LINK to ZD's PayPal (can use credit cards, too):

    "The Zuma Dogg Show" - via @ZumaDogg on #Twitter  

  2. Compared to & , check videos of, "comedy genius/superstar/icon" (news quotes), @ZumaDogg:  RT
  4. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE "I Am Woman" by Zuma Dogg - 
  5. O.K., check THIS @ZumaDogg 2013 BANGIN' / EXTROIDINATE! "Its Zuma Dogg!" AGAIN, a BANGER! - 
  6. A @ZumaDogg LIVE pop concert=My page of 2013 original pop/dance songs, recorded LIVE on PRO HIT BEATS! HaveNuttyFun! 
  7. SUPPORT LOCAL ARTIST: Hear "Save L.A. With Marvin Gaye," my new duet w ! If U like, buy it for .99cents. 
  8. My site's been unfocused, between politics & previous @ZumaDogg music/comedy stuff. TODAY=looks how I like it! Check 
  9. Here is my kinda dance/pop song for weekend/holiday/nye party times. "We Own This Night" feat/: 
  10. Instead of random TV// viewing, watch some, "The Zuma Dogg Show" (Comedy/Politics) at . UnseenPhenom!
  11. CAN make an IMPACT, but are TOO BRAINWASHED into being polite. @ZumaDogg, "dictating policy in L.A.?" 
  12. OMG! Watch political gadfly @ZumaDogg DESTROY with their OWN cameras/TV station. ! 
  13. : Don't worry about being polite. HERE'S how you SWAY City elections. THIS speech/gadfly=credited for that! 
  14. : Get load of REALEST DEAL in U.S.A: L.A. political gadfly, @ZumaDogg, ROCKS CITY COUNCIL as U never heard! 
  15. POLITICS MEETS COMEDY: FUNNIEST VIDEO, EVER=Public Speaker Addresses City Council in Gene Simmons mask. !  RT
  16. Heard of L.A. political/comedy "legend/superstar/icon," @ZumaDogg? Hottest political ranter, ever-- and funniest guy. 
  17. HILARIOUS EPISODE. I see why news calls me "GENIUS!" Best of Zuma Dogg Show (L.A. Cable TV Classic) #2:  via @youtube
  18. CLASSIC L.A. OLD SKOOL CABLE COMEDY LEGEND: The Zuma Dogg Show - Venice Beach 2001 - (Pt 5):  via @youtube
  19. "The Zuma Dogg Show" Female MC Freestyle Battle vs Zuma Dogg & LIVE Perf...:  via @youtube
  20. CLASSIC EPISODE: Zuma Dogg Presents STONE TEMPLE PILOTS (Video Shoot): Reality or Dream? HILARIOUS/REAL  via @youtube
  21. ZUMA DOGG on Howard Stern - E! Show (CLASSIC!) (+playlist):  via @youtube
  22. OLD SKOOL COMEDY/HIP-HOP L.A. CABLE CLASSIC=ZUMA DOGG "LIVE" (Raps, Singing & LIVE calls) (+playlist):  via @youtube
  23. ZUMA DOGG Sings Whitney="I Will Always Love You," (TO A LIBRARIAN IN THE LIBRARY...LOUDLY!) (+playlist):  via @youtube

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