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CLICK FOR: "The Zuma Dogg Show" on YouTube (Comedy/Politics/Pop-Culture)  "Brain-seizing, superstar, legend, icon, heroic, crusader, treasure" (and dope rapper). - "KABC/KRLA/LA Times/LA Weekly" quotes about Zuma Dogg. (Just living his day.)

"The Zuma Dogg Show" on YouTube

TV/MOVIE SCRIPT by @ZumaDogg: "Kingpin!": Aaron Sorkin-style script based on ZD's City Hall experience 2006-2012 (The Villaraigosa/Garcetti Years). The names have been changed to protect the guilty. THIS IS A REALLY GOOD READ, that is ALL based on REAL & TRUE STORIES. (See also: "The Godfather"/"The Sorpranos.")  ENTIRE "KINGPIN!!" SCRIPT on SINGLE WEB PAGE. NO SOCIAL MEDIA CHATS/no pats on heads=JUST BEATS! A site for artists to LISTEN to beats (individually and mix-montages) -- plus, DEMOS on BEATS (lyrics/melodies) for artists to cover. Can get you leases, BUT MAINLY, this is a fan listening site, we hope, cause that's what we wanted=Pandora of Producer Beats! Checc tons of BEATS by some of the TOP producers we heard. Hope these beats inspire you, creatively. If you like a beat (instrumental, or beats used in the demos); email for lease.  These are the ones we think folks should be jumpin' on for radio-ready hits. 

AUG 2, 2014: Preview this TRAP BANGER, for the return of LaBron to Gund Arena, and YOUR arena! "Cavaliers, We Run This Blocc!" - Cleveland Trapperz [Sounds like "We Dem Boyz," but original/custom beat.] @ZumaDogg fans=his concept/co-writer/engineer

[BEAT]=Instrumental Producer Beat - No {BEAT] in title=Demo on Instrumental Beat
ALL THE DEMOS (Aka: Zuma Dogg - Greatest Hitz) are BELOW the [BEAT] titles. (All ZD songs; also in embedded "Demos On Beats" Soundcloud player, below.)  

A&R: ZD's Beats Archive [Above player, merely most recent uploads.]

BEAT MIXTAPES (INSTRUMENTALS): Stream Like Pandora, but Producer Beats/no ads.
DEMOS on BEATS (Checc for beat used/lyric/melody ideas). If you wanna record/release something=leases available. Info: 
All songs by @ZumaDogg. This player Aka: "Zuma Dogg - "Greatest Hitz" is founded/mIcro-managed by former Z-100/NY Asst. Program Director/Research Director; Billboard Hot 100 Chart Director, ZD. This will be WAY better, though=cause no CLUELESS/CONFUSED CORPORATE DOUCHEBAGS involved. (#TheyALLAre=Why they HAD to hire ZD! #NoPIcnic!) ENJOY! Official website of, "Brain-seizing, superstar, legend, icon, heroic, crusader, treasure" (and dope rapper). - "KABC/KRLA/LA Times/LA Weekly" quotes on #KeyMan, ZD 

Zuma Dogg Previous Gigs

* L.A. Daily Blog/PublisherInvestigative ReporterMedia PersonalityPolitical "Gadfly"Activist, "All That"

* "The Zuma Dogg Show"/Producer,Host 

* Billboard Hot 100/Chart Director

* Z100-NY/Asst Program Director,Research Director

* BDS-NY (Broadcast Data Systems)/Director of Radio

* Top 40 Radio/Music Director,Operation DirectorProgram Director, Asst. PDResearch Director -- across U.S. (Top 10 & various major markets).

Zuma Dogg featured/guest: ABC "Nightline," Howard Stern (radio/TV), FOX "Good Day L.A.,"PBS TV Special,NBC/ABC/CBS/FOX/KCAL TV news, KFI/KABC/KTLK/KRLA LA talk radio, LATimes/DailyNews/LAWeekly/CityBeat/NYPost/WallStreetJournal.Zuma Dogg beat City of Los Angeles in FEDERAL COURT, over civil rights/1st Amendment violations, affecting thousands, at Venice Beach boardwalk (201ruling). On August 7, 2013, a Federal Court ruled that L.A. City Council broke law in violating ZD's 1st Amendment rights.  

A&R: ZD's Beats Archive (if we discussed these beats/player.)

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