Wednesday, August 6, 2014

LA Daily Blog by Zuma Dogg - AUGUST 06, 2014: Is L.A. Mayor Garcetti Throwing LAPD Chief Beck Under Bus & Is Barack Obama Doing More Harm To U.S. Than Any Terrorist Could DREAM OF? Official website of, "Brain-seizing, superstar, legend, icon, heroic, crusader, treasure" (and dope rapper). - "KABC/KRLA/LA Times/LA Weekly" quotes

  1. Wed August 06, 2014 TWEETS by Zuma Dogg @ZumaDogg
    How you KNOW =TOAST: Mayor Garshady says he wants to renew him. LOL/not kidding. How Godfather/Sopranos do things. SNAKES
  2. Now that Mayor Garshady is having do hit peice on Chief Beck, to pave way for ERIC's pick=HERE'S PICK! 
  3. Is =BIGGEST TERROR THREAT TO U.S. HEALTH & PUBLIC SAFETY? A few things to consider when replying, "YES!" 
  4. Q: Is there ANY International Terrorist Group Doing MORE To Destroy U.S.A., & YOUR FAMILY'S FUTURE=THAN BARACK OBAMA? 
  5. If he weren't a TRULY HAZARDOUS THREAT to U.S. safety, it's HILARIOUS to listen to sissy-boy rant on like Rosanne Rosanadana.
  6. "Russia doesn't MAKE anything." Did U hear the snot-nosed, punk, pop off that IGORANT comment in little SISSY voice? PRESIDENT?
  7. When said, "spread the wealth around," and make everything, "fair/even/equal," we thought WITHIN U.S.A., not w 3rd World/Diseases.
  8. : Destroyed full-time/#-O-Care LIES/Spies U/weapons to MexiGangs/Fires Military/Erases border/imports diseased illegals. TERROR ATTACK
  9. =Sent weapons to Gangs+Fired Military/reduces to low levels amidst increased risk+erased border/imports disease/illegals=TERROR ATTACK
  10. Administration is turing into an episode of "24," when we find the was taken over by terrorists, & . REAL LIFE!
  11. HERE is a TRAP/RAP song about lying/U.S. domestic terrorist, : "Your Lies (Don't Make It So)" 
  12. There's no terrorist on EARTH who has done more to PERMANENTLY DESTROY character/fabric/history of SAFEST nation on earth than .
  13. =Weapons to MexiGangs/Erases border/Spies/Lies/=health&full time jobs KILLER/FLOODS U.S. w diseased illegals. NOT TERRORISM?
  14. He's the most DANGEROUS THREAT to YOUR and your CHILD'S health/public safety. Now, truly revealed, =DOMESTIC TERRORIST=DESTROYING U.S.
  16. I changed/shaped world's pop culture as national radio exec; reality TV/comedy pioneer & changed U.S. history w FEDERAL free speech ruling.

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AUGUST 2014: An article about Zuma Dogg & City of Los Angeles. Here's an article by original L.A. political blog/blogger who followed/reported on ENTIRE #ZumaDoggEra at City Hall as legendary, historic, unseen/will never be seen again icon. (This is just over ONE issue.) Here's the YouTube playlist with the City Hall/Public Comment video history.

U.S. HISTORY (See article)ZD's City Hall - "Public Comment" YouTube page (The History, going down in reality, real time.)
TV/MOVIE SCRIPT by @ZumaDogg: "Kingpin!": Aaron Sorkin-style script based on ZD's City Hall experience 2006-2012 (The Villaraigosa/Garcetti Years). The names have been changed to protect the guilty. THIS IS A REALLY GOOD READ, that is ALL based on REAL & TRUE STORIES. (See also: "The Godfather"/"The Sorpranos.")  ENTIRE "KINGPIN!!" SCRIPT on SINGLE WEB PAGE.

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