Saturday, August 9, 2014

"The Zuma Dogg Show" (L.A. Cable TV "Legend/Icon/Brain-Seizing/Superstar/Icon" (Like L.A.'s "Waynes World") Catch BEST OF on YouTube, HERE!

HERE'S THE WAY I LIKE TO WATCH MY OWN SHOW ("The Zuma Dogg Show"): Got 1000s of videos across several accounts. I went through and picked a bunch of popular videos, on YouTube, and tweeted them. Here's the twitter timeline. Check each video for a feel of, "The Zuma Dogg Show" (2000-2006 Era) ZD's debut on Howard Stern-Early City Hall Era.

  • : I guess it was DESTINY: Imagine THIS is first time you were ever on TV. DEBUT of ZD=:
  • : THIS AIN'T SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE! It's "The Zuma Dogg Show," FAKE Larry King segment: EPIC!
  • : LEGACY SHOW. This went out LIVE on L.A. TV, BEFORE REALITY SHOWS. When Eminem/NSync/MTV-TRL hit.
  • : HOW MANY TIMES have I mentioned my FULL PAGE L.A. TIMES ARTICLE about ZD! CHECC THIS!!!
  • : Taking the city by STORM on LIVE TV! Zuma Dogg vs L.A. City : GSimmonsMask/BEHIND SCENES!
  • : TALK about STEALING SHOW. I did that for SIX MINUTES on LIVE L.A. CITY TV. Like Joker breaking in!
  • : WOW! Zuma Crashes MAJOR L.A. CIty poltical/news event with TOP CITY BRASS/REPORTERS! WATCH WHOLE!
  • : Too bad the ELECTED OFFICIALS don't know their own laws. LOOK how they try BAMBOOZLE me of mine!
  • : THIS was weird. ONE TIME, a spirit ran through me and LIT ME UP!!! This is NOT ME TALKING!
  • : LOOK how City Hall staff treats ZD & Associates DIFFERENTLY: KINGPIN ZUMA DOGG LAYS DOWN THE LAW:
  • : One of the MOST POPULAR/HILARIOUS segments from Zuma Dogg at City Hall. (They left ZD's mic HOT!)
  • 35,000 VIEWS on THIS version of on , but NOT my account. LOL! DEBUT of ZD! (2000/NSyncEra):
  • CHECK Smooth HipHop/R&B Rapper Emile Danero. He, like 1,000,000 other rappers, sent me his song to check out. UM...I'm ALL IN, on EMILE DANERO! DO CHECK! 
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