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Los Angeles Mayoral Election 2017 - Eric Garcetti vs Zuma Dogg

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Zuma Dogg Wags Tale In Council's Face
L.A. Times Article About Zuma Dogg vs City Hall  (Unprecedented full page article!)

Shutting Down Public Access
LA Weekly Article Featuring Zuma Dogg


FYI: Did you SEE new ABC TV show, "The Mayor?" Scenes recreated straight off my own mayoral campaign. ZD=SO inspiring! See ZumaDogg.com

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Zuma Dogg Roasts (Shady) L.A. City Attorney on City TV (He LOST!)

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Zuma Dogg City Council PUBLIC COMMENT Montage (Pt 1) #Legendary!

Zuma Dogg Exposes L.A. City Hall Corruption (Based on REAL FBI Informant Info. ZD's HOTTEST Video!!!)

Zuma Dogg Epic Rant on L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti (LOL!)

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In Garcetti We Trust?

ALERT: Eric Garcetti IGNORING The Public This Election Season -- As Negligent, Fundraising Mayor Let's Crime/Homelessness/Budget Deficit/Skyscrapers SKYROCKET=Vote Out Garcetti on March 7th! 


MAIN VIDEO TO WATCH OF ALL VIDEOS ON THIS PAGE (from #LAMayor forum/quoted by Daily News):

#LAMayor Eric Garcetti=Everything BAD SKYROCKETED!


ERIC GARCETTI's RADIO AD IS ABOUT RIDING HIS BIKE AND EATING CARVELL'S ICE CREAM, AS A LITTLE BOY -- INSTEAD OF TELLING VOTERS HIS PLAN FOR #LA, AS MAYOR=It's the same lame ad he ran, four years ago; asking for your vote. Since his last ice cream cone commercial; crime/homelessness/deficit skyrocketed under negligent, Neverland Ranch mayor. Vote Garcetti OUT!
Zuma Dogg is the only candidate who will implement, "The 14 Points of Quality & Productivity," on Day One, at City Hall. Need to do this FIRST -- once and for all -- to accomplish all the other goals you want the city to make happen. (Ask City workers!) You wouldn't know it, based on Garcetti's (lack of) performance; but, job of mayor is a basic manager's job. This IS the signature issue of my campaign; and if I weren't an expert in, "Methods of Management of Quality and Productivity (14 Points)," I really would be just a gadfly/activist; as opposed to actual viable candidate. Here's the manual that Deming approved and was published internationally in, "Quality Digest": READ the 14 Points, HERE. - "Well done"/Deming

We have between now and March 7th (election day) to use this campaign/election process to hold our current elected officials as accountable as possible. I have a ten year history as L.A.'s top watchdogg at City Hall. (See, "QUOTES ON MR. DOGG's DECADE OF PUBLIC ADVOCACY," below).

This 2017 L.A. Mayoral campaign is the opportunity to raise awareness on city issues; on media platforms and in forums; otherwise not afforded to a public advocate/gadfly/constituent, like myself. And, Garcetti needs his awareness raised!

Plus, City Hall must implement Quality & Productivity Management Methods; because LACK of Q&P is the 800 lb elephant in the room -- and I'm published on the topic.

And, everything BAD skyrocketed under Eric Garcetti! No one has had their way, more over past fourteen years, than Eric Garcetti; first as council President; then as mayor. He's been the architect and spokesperson for the "Smart Growth," that has brought us to skyrocketing crime/homeless encampments/budget deficit/luxury housing/skyscrapers and traffic.

Garcetti spent entire first term fundraising; and even L.A. Times published concern that this mayoral election is just a kick off for his Senate or Governor campaign. So, please do not vote for a mayor who let the city fall apart; and is going to run for higher office, upon re-election.

LA mayor Garcetti accused of 'hiding and suppressing' police reports as violent crime soars

Garcetti says he's not being political in his non-discussion of the skyrocketing violent crime statistics. He says it's a SCHEDULING ISSUE because he has been busy.

Yeah, fundraising in NYC/Chicago and Sacramento, even as of this week; though he says he is doing so well in the polls vs all other candidates that he doesn't even have to appear at a single mayoral forum to let the people know his plan/agenda for next five and a half years.

Sorry people....Garcetti is busy running for higher office -- and he doesn't have time for you, this campaign season. Check back with him, after the launch of his Governor campaign; upon being sworn in for re-election as L.A. Mayor. - ZD

BEST OF LA DAILY BLOG: Eric Garcetti's Affordable Housing Project Investigated by F.B.I.: Oops, Looks Like Mr. Perfect, ISN'T! Look what he does with voter approved money for affordable housing; and who he gives it to. When LACERS lost $8 billion in Wall St bubble-burst, City accountant had to admit this was the MAIN REASON FOR THE LOSS. #FRAUD!



Zuma Dogg's 2017 take on #LA politics is that the people of Los Angeles deserve Eric Garcetti as mayor; and I really shouldn't even be trying to get in the way of the media's narrative that he is easily gonna win.

People LOVE repeating the mantara that he is gonna easily win, too! It means he doesn't have to say a thing this election season; and you accept what he decides, for you -- without having to deviate from your picture-liking routine on facebook.

I'm not feeling enough outrage from the public.

Eric is a nice guy, right!? What more do you want? So, just repeat the mantra that Eric will be easily reelected=why even hold him accountable -- and why even look up from the Netflix series or sports game you are watching?

Just think=if all the radio talk show hosts who say he is gonna win, so easily, talked about state of the city/Garcetti's reckless performance as mayor; he would most certainly be in a run-off. - ZD

L.A. Mayor Garcetti Hides From Voters
By Elizabeth Chou, Los Angeles Daily News

Candidate David Saltsburg, also known as Zuma Dogg, speaks Thursday, Feb. 15, 2017, during the Northridge East Neighborhood Council Mayoral Candidate Forum at the Northridge Women's Club.

Mayor Eric Garcetti, who is running for re-election against 10 challengers, skipped a pair of candidate forums held Wednesday night in Northridge and the Hollywood Hills.

Some challengers took advantage of Garcetti’s absence Wednesday night, accusing him of being more preoccupied with running for higher office, letting the crime rate go up under his watch and spending more time at ribbon-cuttings than putting in the necessary hours to fix the city’s homelessness crisis.

David Saltsburg, a gadfly better known as Zuma Dogg, delivered some of the night’s harshest salvos, including this one:

“Everybody says Eric Garcetti is such a nice guy — no, he’s not! He’s a psychopath, politically, who has higher aspirations to be president. Garcetti doesn’t care about the side effects to this city at all,” Saltsburg told the crowd.

Garcetti, it turns out, did take a campaign-funded trip to Sacramento earlier in the day in which he managed to fit in a fundraiser and meetings with Gov. Jerry Brown, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon and state Sen. Jim Beall.


* "Zuma Dogg is a crusader fighting for free-speech rights. He's been able to do it with both humor and substance." Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti/Los Angeles Times

* "Zuma Dogg was beating me, hard. He was beating City Council, hard." - Former L.A. Mayor/2018 CA Governor Candidate Antonio Villaraigosa

* "David 'Zuma Dogg' Saltsburg has been a community activist in Los Angeles for more than 10 years successfully taking on City Hall on numerous occasions."/City Watch LA

* "Zuma Dogg, who is smarter than and knows more about city government than most Council members, has become something of an urban folk hero, skewering City Hall foibles and failures in his frequent public comment appearances broadcast on Channel 35. His 2009 campaign for mayor attracted respectable numbers of votes." - Ron Kaye/RonKayeLA.com

"I like Zuma Dogg. Zuma Dogg may be the next mayor of Los Angeles!" Tim Conway, Jr./KFI

* "Local Legend" - Doug McIntyre/790-KABC

* "It would be nice to see someone with the heroism of Zuma Dogg in office." - Kevin James/870-KRLA Radio, L.A. City Commissioner

* Featured on ABC News Nightline, CBS2, KNBC4, KABC7, KCAL9, FOX11 TV and KFI, KABC, K-TALK & KRLA radio as L.A.'s most recognized and respected citizen voice.

* "Zuma Dogg fought the oppressive, tightly controlled L.A. City Council meetings presided over by Council President Eric Garcetti, who had banned video cameras. After police tried to stop Zuma Dogg from taping the council deliberations, he railed against the big shots for months, slamming Garcetti as “Garshady” on his show and on his whistleblower blog. "Whatever happened to free speech in this country?," Zuma Dogg asked. He prevailed against Garcetti’s rules, and now brings his cameracorder to every council meeting, as can any member of the public thanks to him." - LA Weekly.

* "You're actually one of my favorite people to watch on TV." - Former L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan to Zuma Dogg on KABC radio.

* "An original treasure of Venice." - Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl

* " A civic treasure." - Michael Higby/Mayor Sam's Blog (L.A. politics)

* "Zuma Dogg, not only one of the most recognizable figures at City Hall, cordially greeted by passersby, including police and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, he also has the ear of high-level insiders, who feed him information in the hope that he’ll expose, and possibly stop, one questionable government project or another." - LA Weekly

* "Something between stunned and amazed. We''ve never seen anything like it. I like Zuma Dogg. He's a class act." - Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson

* "I too, as you may know, am a Deming fan. I think your synthesis of his work is fabulous." - Anthony Robbins

* "Your, "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points, " is well done. I appreciate it much." - Dr. W. Edwards Deming on "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points," by Zuma Dogg. (Published internationally in "Quality Digest.") -- FYI: Mr. Dogg believes this is his #1 qualification, as a mayoral candidate (and must be for any mayoral candidate).


First, please do all you can to raise awareness that there is, indeed, a citywide election this March 7th. With this local, under-the-radar election just letting people know the date of the election is a priority.

Secondly, I of course want you to vote for me and tell everyone else to vote for me because I believe I'm LA's only hope to keep this ship from sinking into something we no longer recognize.

Next, get out the #YesOnS vote. Tell everyone you know, "Yes on Measure S” … because even if LA skyscraper developer Eric Garcetti is re-elected, Measure S will prevent him from selling-out LA to China developers for a Shanghai Surprise on the city and its residents.

The skyscraper issue is central to many other issues people are outraged about:

Traffic gridlock getting worse. Skyscrapers cause more traffic jams. When they are being constructed and then when 1000 more people are living on street that isn't any wider and multiply this over a decade of Eric Garcetti's, "Smart Growth."

Garcetti actually said that the goal is to make traffic so bad, that people jump out of their cars and take mass transit. But these people moving into million dollar (plus) condos drive cars and are not going to hop out to take the bus or rail. We all know this.

The city has to STOP doing things to make traffic worse. Garcetti justifies that everyone is gonna take the bus, so he can sell out LA to China developers for Skyscraper City. 

New York and China were built around mass transit. Los Angeles was not and is not a city that lends itself to mass transit and I'm not gonna waste precious column space explaining why anymore because you know.

Skyscrapers also have driven up housing costs and the overall expense to live in LA and it has caused an increase in homelessness. And, when I say "increase" I mean we have a triple alarm emergency on the streets (sidewalks, actually) of Los Angeles -- and Garcetti and City Hall CONTINUE to ignore building affordable housing and are still all about skyscrapers.

If you flew in from another world and evaluated city hall you would think they are a skyscraper development firm. Do they do ANYTHING else? Sorry, Garshady; EVERYTHING needs to STOP and we need to address the homeless issue.

Even if you aren't caring or compassionate about homeless people, as a city we can't have encampments on sidewalks, all over. Does Garcetti think the Olympics are going to come here?

It is going to take new and innovative approaches in ways the city is not used to and has never done before. HHH isn't going to be a drip in the bucket in actual number of people off the streets; compared to how many we have (and more are coming). 

I met a company at a neighborhood council meeting that takes portable shipping containers and converts them into home units. I am IN LOVE with these units; and you can see a video, about them, here.

All the density of skyscrapers taxes LA's infrastructure, way too much. Water is a limited (and increasingly expensive) resource. They say we don't have enough emergency response/police on the street as it is … and they keep on adding more skyscrapers that allow more people to jam into the area.

I am not of the belief that people are coming here, anyway so we have to keep building more and more and more and more luxury housing to accommodate. The community decides what kind of city they want and we don't want China or Manhattan. It won't work in LA because of geographic layout alone.

Can't have a bunch of millionaires zipping around LA in Maserati's while we the people have to walk in the streets because the sidewalks are filled with tent encampments. STOP THE MADNESS! Vote Yes on S. And Yes on Zuma Dogg!

Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate, David "Zuma Dogg" Saltsburg, on LA's Top 2 Issues - Homeless Encampments & Traffic Jams (March 07, 2017 Election) - Yes on Measure S

My frustration, as with many other gadfly/bloggers, is that in every public comment/blog post; you wanna cover the entire history of fraud, waste and abuse, every time. Pension fraud; Building & Safety and Housing Departments; non-profits (and their city hall funding); and overall corruption (of which the category of, "developer money," falls into) are my big picture top hits on the chart.

But, can anyone really think/talk about anything else other than #traffic and #homelessness? If I were counting 'em down, like Casey Kasem; I'd like to think that homelessness is the #1 issue with voters.

So, coming in at #2, with a bullet (because it's an upward trend) is traffic gridlock/jam/outrage. Developers, who control city hall (mayor and councilmembers) don't care about us being stuck in traffic density=they rely on it. If you build a big, giant mega-center; you need a lot of people to fill it.

And, it all adds up to added revenue for the city; which is a municipal corporation, by definition; and corporations only have best interest of the corporation, at hand. So, the more cars jammed on the road; means more consumer-customers; to pull into the plaza. 

If you are a developer/city hall elected official=more cars on the road=the better.

Sadly, Garcetti IS winning; in his plan, "to make traffic gridlock, so bad; that people jump out of their cars and start taking mass transit." (Aka: "Smart Growth") And, it's not happening fast enough; so take away a car lane, by adding a bike lane. (I know, I know...we need more bike lanes; so people will start biking more.)

Except more and more people are NOT taking mass transit, in LA: Less are, as statistics reveal. And, it's just more and more cars, on the same roads and freeways. (And 405 expansion only made it worse for all the other non-expanded roads.) 

Compare bike traffic to 405/101/10 traffic...your exit's traffic. The bike lanes are being added to reduce a lane of vehicle traffic; with the specific goal and purpose of making traffic gridlock worse. MORE BIKE LANES!? Yeah, where they don't take away an auto lane on major roads.)

Traffic will continue to only get worse; and nothing we can do to reduce it...only prevent it from increasing/worsening. It's now to the point, that I was just told by the person driving me to a meeting, "That's it! No more meetings! I'm gonna stay in my damn neighborhood!" It really is diminishing return; based on the round trip traffic gridlock. Folks are now blowing off the recreation, too. Long-time locals can't take the level of 2017 traffic jams.

Contributing Factor: L.A. is now populated with an international community; thanks to Uber and AirBnB, which allows people to move in; and get around, without as many set-up strings, of the past. No drivers license needed. Don't need first and last month rent/deposit/lease for an apartment.

And, with terrorism taking over the rest of the world; L.A. is the new harbor, to escape to, if they are the lucky ones from their communities.

We are seeing the result of these conveniences, in easy LA set-ups -- on the roads, in the form of traffic gridlock. If Measure S passes, with, "yes," votes; I do believe it will be a start in preventing additional traffic gridlock; though I also believe that added travel times; or just not taking the trip, at all; is now part of L.A. reality -- it ain't going away; and there's nothing we can really do about it, except, "Yes On S," to start.

So, let's focus on the #1 issue, for 2017: Homelessness.

And, like traffic; I believe this is an issue that will be increasing, not reducing, just because city hall and residents want it to go away.

And, to go one step further; I cannot even believe this isn't the only issue being discusses by Mayor Garcetti and City Council and the city, at large. It's true madness: Continuing with Sea Breeze projects; and more and more upscale, luxury condos...like there aren't more and more tent encampments, all along the city; in places we've never seen in the history of Los Angeles. 

Move the homeless (and people living in homes and apartments in the way of their vision and profits) out of the way, for the next Caruso or Soboroff project. (Get out of the way, you regular people!)

But, there are steps that can be taken to start the ball rolling, toward reducing homelessness. First of all, vote yes on Measure S, because if Measure S does NOT pass; expect a wave of evictions to hit, like we've never seen; as the #Garcettification of LA (steam) rolls on; unfettered with a defeat of S; and a five and a half year term, without concern of re-election. (Yes, this one mayoral term is five and a half years, instead of four...and he'll probably run for higher office, before it's all done, anyway.)

Secondly, if Measure S passes; Planning Committee needs to allow a variance of the industrial zoning ordinance; that prevents homes from being built in these zones; to allow for temporary, portable, pre-built homes; that don't require construction; and can be removed, easily; as a pilot/test program. 

These affordable, portable, pre-built homes; made out of modified storage containers are the first idea we need to embrace. They are being used already, for homes and offices in cities like San Fransisco; and Long Beach port area has a food court, made from these units.

The homeless proliferation on L.A. streets are about to take the city down. I truly believe the city is on the way down, into something we never imagined would happen to LOS ANGELES...world class city.

We, The People, need to treat this as a crisis; and have a municipal intervention; because Promises/Malibu doesn't have a Developer Money Addiction wing. I am being literal when I say, city council needs to stop doing everything else; and start doing 100% homeless reduction measures.

WAY TO GO GARCETTI! YOU OWN THIS as councilmember/council president/mayor. 

You defended every move made by city hall, the entire time; that brought us to out of control expenses; traffic gridlock and a declared homeless emergency. Isn't Mr. Rhodes Scholar textbook guy a genius!? WOW, didn't HIS plan work out for you and everyone you know!?

And, the only problem is we don't have enough of what he's been selling and delivering? And, we know it's all been a corrupt racket; of pay-to-play. And, they say he's gonna win re-election, without breaking a sweat; or a run-off.

If you put a frog in water and turn up the heat, slowly, until a boil, the frog doesn't jump out; and boils to death -- not that I'm saying that's what the people of L.A. (who don't participate in local government) just let happen? 

I know some people are unsure; and don't like a measure that goes as far as Measure S (even though limited to two years; and allows for affordable housing to be built; as an exemption).

But, Garcetti, Council and the developers who run them; have proven they are out of control, corrupt, pay-to-play maniacs who can't stop themselves, like any addict. There is an LA City election on March 7th: Make your voice heard, then; or please don't complain, anymore.


I heard the director of the Downtown LA BID (Business Improvement District) say to Doug McIntrye on his KABC radio show that, "the sky's the limit, regarding downtown Los Angeles real estate development." McIntyre noted how New York City has a lot of endless skyscrapers, and downtown LA iswhere all the skyscrapers should be, adding that the city has a lot more room to grow.

I am usually in lock-step with McIntyre on LA municipal issues, so listening to him agree that, "the sky's the limit" on the LA skyscraper issue, made me wonder if I am being too extreme in my belief that LA is “skyscrapered” out. 

I'm not sure we should be The Eagles of LA real estate developers, taking it to the limit, one more time. Just because we, as a society (or municipality) can do something, doesn't mean we should. Technology and the ability to achieve and accomplish more does not mean we should just do it.

You can walk up to an all-you-can-eat buffet and eat as much dessert as you want. Keep piling it on your plate, then go back for more and more and more. The manager won't tell you to stop, because it's all-you-can-eat. And, you're an adult now, so your parents can't tell you to stop either. You can do whatever you want to do.

So what if you don't want any veggies or meat? You may only want the pudding. But in case you haven't heard, here in LA, you shouldn’t have any pudding until you finish your meat. Unfortunately, though, LA City Hall doesn’t understand this: it’s all pudding (giant, upscale luxury projects) and no meat (affordable housing for homeless and middle-class).

How does that apply to LA development? It's not, "the sky's the limit," it’s “the infrastructure's the limit." All this pudding has LA's infrastructure clogged up like a bad artery. Because City Council keeps going back for more and more skyscrapers we’re having problems with EMS/Fire response times. And we can't recruit enough cops for the streets. The local exit ramps don't get any wider. And the streets don't get any wider either. 

Water is scarce and getting more expensive. Can't jam any more parking spaces onto the same city street, just because someone paid off city officials to stick up another twenty-story, mixed use project in that area. (See Caruso's project for Koretz's district.) And, though not a City Hall issue, it’s hard enough to manage the LAUSD administration and its students.

The city can no longer enforce itself. These developers know they can get away with more than has been permitted and no one is gonna stop them. In Venice, someone built a McMansion house out into the sidewalk. In other words, the home cut off sidewalk access. Whoops! House already built...too late.

So, the lesson of LA City development is a lot like the lesson of life itself. It’s all about moderation, which takes discipline and that is not what’s being used at LA City Hall. Though it wasn't my intent as I started this piece, looks like it just became a "Yes on Measure S" article. So, let’s roll with it, like Steve Winwood (with some additional considerations) and vote "Yes on Measure S."

Mayor Garcetti and LA City Council want to protect non-documented immigrants from deportation, but what about their eviction onto the streets that a skyscraper city will cause? Getting pretty competitive for sidewalk space to put up any more encampments. And, the evictions don't affect just immigrants. American citizens will be forced from their homes by foreign (Chinese) developers building a mega city for us lucky Angelinos! It's called “Chinafication” or “Garcettification” or "The Sky's the Limit.”

Shanghai has geological conditions that are sub-standard to LA and yet they have some of the tallest buildings in the world. Not too difficult for us to achieve that too when our current mayor has basically thrown out building height regulations saying they were a "stupid rule.” Remember Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's press conference, held on the flat roof of the city's 32-story AT&T Center, where he announced the law's demise, describing it as "one more stupid rule in Los Angeles?"

On March 7, the people get to pass a smart law that Garcetti is certain to find stupid. He may think he's smarter than the rest of us, but a city's success is measured, in large part, by the amount of homeless on the street. Garcetti himself has declared a homeless emergency for Los Angeles. He’s had more say, sway and influence than anyone -- first as council president, then as mayor. So, don’t be (Shangai) suprised if Garcetti is against Measure S, and takes the China developer money. LA is one big “all you can eat” luxury condo buffet. Take another huge bite.

Sixty-story high rises on average? No problem since "6" is a lucky number to Chinese developers! (Eighty stories is probably too high, but sixty is cool to heavenly sky proponents.)

We could build out DTLA to accommodate a 10-12 million person population. And maybe it is a very good idea to build out DTLA as a skyscraper mega-city. The land is cheap and City Hall is easy.

Only downside is the fate of the less fortunate: those earning less than $200,000 per year will have to move on and move out of their own neighborhoods. And you'll have to leave for work two days before you have to be there, due to traffic gridlock.

Once the mega luxury skyscrapers go up, everything becomes more expensive. Mom and Pop mini-marts and cheap eateries are replaced with upscale, expensive counterparts. Five dollar burritos are replaced by $17 sandwiches at fancy sandwich places. Just apply that concept to everything else. If you used to own a store, now you can work for a big national chain as a clerk or maybe even a manager.

It’s a simple choice for the voter: vote for the status quo and re-elect all City Hall incumbents. Then get half the value of your property through eminent domain, and be forced to move to Riverside. Or…vote them all out and vote Yes on Measure S.


The media keeps reporting incumbent Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has no serious competition in the 2017 LA Mayoral election.

He has raised a whopping $3 million+ (because he spent entire first term fund raising, instead of doing his job, of mayor); and doesn't even feel he needs to face the public, during debates, this campaign season.

So, why did President Barack Obama make an unprecedented trip to a mayor's campaign office (Garcetti) to endorse the incumbent; who is expected to easily win, without a run-off?
ZUMA DOGG BEATS LOS ANGELES CITY COUNCIL IN FEDERAL COURT ON FREE SPEECH ISSUES!: http://ladailyblog.blogspot.com/2013/08/read-entire-federal-ruling-los-angeles.html

"INTERPRETING DEMING'S 14 POINTS"/METHODS FOR QUALITY MANAGEMENT (Praised by Deming/Published by "Quality Digest"/Most praised and important article I've written. "Fabulous"/Tony Robbins, "Well Done"/Dr. W.E. Deming. Based on behavioral psychology, I apply this to all situations.): http://ladailyblog.blogspot.com/2016/01/political-news-tweets-for-january-12.html

March 15, 2017 comment on CityWatchLAWhitney Smith • You are really a City treasure and font of wisdom Zumie! You are so special you should actually be a ride at Disneyland. Waiting with my pen to write down your next utterance for my Inspiration Board.

ZUMA DOGG'S TV SCRIPT -- "KINGPIN!": Aaron Sorkin style TV script; based on Zuma Dogg's real-life, insider stories about L.A. City municipal corruption. The history of municipal fraud, waste and abuse. (It's ALL in here!)  READ FULL SCRIPT HERE IN A SINGLE BLOG POST!

Zuma Dogg is #ThePeoples' media personality: "Brain-seizing, Legend, Heroic, Genius, Crusader, Civic Warrior, More Brilliant Than Brietbart, Treasure, Icon, Superstar, Multi-Media Presence..." Newspaper/Radio quotes about Zuma Dogg (Not just bloggers/fans...actual newspapers and radio stations.)

Buzz on the political streets of LA is that today (Obama's endorsement, with public appearance at the campaign office of Garcetti) was actually the official kick off of the, "Garcetti For California Governor Campaign."

With Obama endorsing shoe-in, incumbent mayor Eric "Garshady" Garcetti; it sends a message to Villaraigosa and all his donors=don't expect any love/support from Obama or Soros.

Remember Villaraigosa backed/endorsed/campaigned with/was Latino spokesmascot for Hillary Clinton; when she was a shoe-in to beat [then mere rookie Senator] Obama, first time she lost?

When Obama won and became POTUS, he never let Villaraigosa stand next to him when he came to LA; and Antonio never got the cabinet appointment he was campaigning for.

A recent CA governor poll showed Garcetti ranks #3, beating Villaraigosa's #5 ranking, in name favorability. Whether the poll is valid, or not; it is becoming the perception/reality. And, I'm sure Garcetti believes the poll and it will embolden him to run; under the guise, "I know I was just re-elected, as mayor of Los Angeles. And, the best way I can help this great city, even more; is as governor!"

So, are L.A. voters so blind, that they are going to re-elect a mayor; who will begin his run for higher office; upon taking his hand off the bible, at his re-election swearing in?

Even LA Times, in this week's opinion article about Garcetti, in final sentence, notes his aspirations for higher office; and rumors he will run for senate or governor; noting they hope he doesn't do that.

Well, voters need to ask Garcetti to sign a pledge that he will not run for higher office; upon being re-elected; and will serve the term he is asking voters to re-elect him for.

Or, just vote for Zuma Dogg (David Saltsburg)

ZUMA DOGG: Comin' straight off the #Venice boardwalk. L.A.'s real-life, "Wayne's World" ("legendary, cable TV superstar/icon"); turned free-speech/political advocate; and WINNER in FEDERAL court vs City of Los Angeles, when L.A. City violated ZD's (and everyone elses') civil rights at Venice Beach boardwalk; and then at the council meetings, during public comment, while addressing these issues. FREE SPEECH/CIVIL RIGHTS VICTORY=MAYORAL CANDIDATE, MR. DOGG: FEDERAL JUDGE RULES Los Angeles City Council Broke U.S. Law in Censorship of The Public.

"The city that silences a critic will injure itself as much as it injures the critic, for the gadfly’s task is to stir into life the massive beast of the city, to rouse each and every one of you, to persuade and reproach you all day long.” - ‎PLATO. The court GRANTS in favor of Plaintiff (Zuma Dogg/Saltsburg) vs City of Los Angeles. Los Angeles City Council violated the law in censorship of the public." - Federal Judge Dean D. Pregerson (re: ZD's free speech/First Amendment lawsuit)


Los Angeles City Controller Issues (Rhodes Scholar) Mayor Eric Garcetti FAILING GRADE! City budget sinks into un-repaired sinkhole.

February 7, 2017

City Controller Releases Annual Financial Report: Highlights City’s Ongoing Structural Deficit

Expenditures Growing Faster than Revenue

Los Angeles - City Controller Ron Galperin has released the City’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for fiscal year 2016

Among the financial and budget challenges underscored by Controller Galperin:

Expenditures grew more than revenues for the first time since 2012 (under Mayor ERIC GARCETTI), exacerbating the City’s “structural deficit”;*

After three years of strong revenue growth, General Fund revenues only increased by 2.3 percent;

Personnel costs (salaries, benefits, pensions) continue to drive expenditure increases;

New challenges and priorities (homelessness, an aging workforce, technology needs, a possible decline in federal funding) will require significant fiscal discipline from City leaders. (City Hall doesn't have any leaders=see above! Vote Zuma Dogg=Deming 14 Points expert=all about leadership).

“We must be prudent in our spending, and find new revenue sources that will allow the City to be financially stable into the future. If we don’t, we will not be able to consistently deliver the quality services our residents expect and deserve,” stated Controller Galperin.

In 2016, total General Fund revenue was $4.9 billion, an increase of $111 million (2.3 percent) over fiscal year 2015, while General Fund expenditures were $4.7 billion, $225 million (5.1 percent) more than 2015. The City’s reserves are strong, but declined noticeably in 2016, from more than 7 percent in 2015 to just under 6 percent this past July.

The CAFR shows that, for the first time since 2012 (The GARCETTI TERM), General Fund expenditures grew faster than General Fund revenues. Based on current year trends, it looks like this will be true again in 2017.

Unless the City identifies new and expanded revenue sources and finds ways to curtail spending, Los Angeles’ efforts over the past years toward eliminating its structural deficit while restoring services will be undermined.

In the middle of the great recession, City faced a projected deficit of more than $500 million. Cuts to staff and expenses, paired with relatively strong revenues, reduced the shortfall to less than $100 million in 2015, before increasing at the end of 2016. This annual projected deficit represents what is known as the structural deficit.

The City’s net pension liability, increased by $570 million in 2016, to a total of $8.2 billion, driven largely by investment returns under the assumed level.

*A Structural Deficit is a budget deficit that results from a fundamental imbalance in government (yes, Garcetti and City Council are, indeed, fundamentally imbalanced) receipts and expenditures, as opposed to one based on one-off or short-term factors. While the City of Los Angeles ends up each year with a “balanced” budget, this is often accomplished with one-time revenues and with service cuts.


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